Kate van Grutten and Camilla Samengo were continually surprised by how rarely paintings were hung to their best advantage.  As a result, they decided to combine their skills and create upthewalls.  They assist clients - private or corporate - who do not have the time, experience or wherewithal to group, position or hang works of art, and aim to alleviate the strain of moving house by taking on the whole picture hanging process. 

Kate began her working life in retail display.  She moved on to picture framing and subsequently managed a gallery advising clients on all aspects of framing.  From there she progressed to sourcing and hanging works of art for both private and corporate clients and this led her to curate exhibitions on a larger scale representing artists in both London and the Middle East. 

Camilla began her career cataloguing jewellery for a fine art auction house.  Here she broadened her interest and knowledge in art, rugs and furniture and developed her passion for interiors.  She went on to curate sculpture exhibitions and from there moved to the world of interior decorating, where she realised the importance of hanging pictures well.